The many sides of Buffalo’s East Side

Recently Buffalo has been resurging in almost all of its neighborhoods.  From skyrocketing real estate prices in the Elmwood Village and West Side, to booming development of new high-rise construction downtown and the medical coridor; Buffalo looks great to many people.  But the East Side of Buffalo which has most recently been the city’s highest crime and lowest property value area has two different views.

The  media has reported two recent articles, one from WGRZ that focuses mostly on the poverty and challenges (but also some positive projects going on) facing the East Side.  Another from The Buffalo News which highlights Bangladesh natives moving from high priced NYC to start and grow their families and businesses in the Broadway Market area; basically eliminating crime and drugs from some of the city’s toughest streets.

broadway market

I worked as a bank manager at the Broadway Market for three years beginning in 2005 and saw both a truly depressing neighborhood with very troubled citizens, as well as sparks of life from new businesses, long term residents and Muslim leaders starting mosques and building new communities.  I believe lots has improved since then, but has enough changed to improve the overall feel and success of the community?

We all want what’s best for our city.  If you’re a resident or employee or a customer of Buffalo’s East Side businesses, what are you seeing?  What else can be done?


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