Buffalo, NY is NOT a top 40 food city? WTF?!

As most of my clients know, Sarah and I love to eat.  We cook, we dine out, we do take out.  Living in Buffalo and now Wiliamsville for over 10 years, we’ve seen the food community grow and become more mature and more risky.  It’s been a long known fact (if you didn’t know) that WNY has a very small number of chain restaurants per capita, which I think goes mostly to our residents having a long love affair of all things local.  Why go to Subway when you can hit up John and Mary’s, Joe’s Deli, any of our great sandwich shops (Moura’s downtown), even Jim’s for a sub or sandwich?  Why do we need Friday’s, Applebee’s or Chili’s (ok, I actually really like Chili’s) when we have some of the best pub food in the WORLD (yes, world).  Wings, burgers, reubens, full dinners, craft beer – it’s all great.

So I kinda flip out when Sarah reads me this article today.  I realize their footnote states they started with cities over 500,000 and then considered some large MSAs too,  but that produced a “few boring cities”.  Ok cool guys….  Look, I’ve been to most of these cities.  They are the definition of boring.  Yes, I haven’t spent days in each but with a lot of research online and some helpful friends you can usually find out what spots to hit if you are just there for a meal or two.  Jacksonville?  Indianapolis?  I’ve had an ok tenderloin sammie and some fried mac and cheese bites outside of Indy (fried pork sandwich is a regional thing) but have not found anything great.  They rank Indy at 31 and basically say that most of the city is fed by a greasy disgusting version of Friendly’s.

And where the hell is Charleston???

The article is similar to most fluff pieces just acting as click bait obviously (looking at you Forbes).  Next time Thrillist, do some research and look to Buffalo for a food scene on par with most cosmopolitan cities.  chicken wing jpg


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