Development in Buffalo – Big and small

Every day, new projects are introduced in Buffalo. For me, it’s not the big ones that are getting all the press that impress me. The big ones – Conventus and everything on the medical campus, Catholic Health at the Genesee gateway, HarborCenter/Pegulaville and the Uniland/Delaware North building – are all great projects for Buffalo, taking the city to a next level with larger new construction.

What’s fun to watch are the smaller 100 year old brick commercial buildings being renovated into cool downtown living spaces, as well as innovative spaces for local chefs to expand and showcase their talents for us! Three restaurants have been announced at the Genesee gateway. Check out the old buildings across Michigan headed out of the city core. I know almost all of these buildings are owned by the same local prominent attorney through his development company, but I don’t see any development there yet These buildings are ripe for development and hopefully soon will be sold to someone wanting to to the renovations.

What buildings not yet announced are you most excited to see be renovated, that have the most POTENTIAL, in the upcoming year in Buffalo?





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