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Please contact me direct, anytime, on my cell at 716.308.7190 or email me at


Here is a short list of targeted information just for you. If you need more questions answered, or would like to discuss a listing package for you, please reach me above with your name and address.

All my clients get 100% dedicated service whether buying or selling. I’m always available 24/7 by phone or email when you work with me and my team.




  1. When do I get pre-approved? Now!  It’s free so why not?  Your lender will walk you through your monthly payment, options, how much you can afford, down payment you will need, cash to close (which is your down payment plus any closing costs minus any credits you get at closing), etc.  Click HERE to get connected to LW Integrity, Banas Mortgage, Quicken and a number of other lenders.
  2. What’s the timeline?  Let’s get preapproved, then start looking both at open houses on Sundays and also at private showings during the week and weekend at your convenience.  NYS is an attorney state so we work with attorneys on every deal, sometimes two or even three on just one purchase.  Once you find a house you like, we make the offer contingent on your attorney approving the contract, then on a home inspection of your choice.  If both of these pass, you proceed to apply for any mortgage financing and the attorneys on both sides order paperwork related to obtaining clean title on your new purchase.  Please work carefully with your lender to ensure that rate locks are obtained at the right time (not too early or they will probably expire and you may pay a fee to extend, and not too late to miss a good rate if rates are rising.)  An all-cash purchase can take up to 30 days or more to close, while a loan through a bank may take 60-75 days to close from the time of your application.  If there are any title defects found after a title search, such as liens, bankruptcies, etc. in the title chain, there may be a delay in closing your loan, or possibly cause the entire deal to die.  Please work closely with your attorney to ensure this runs as smooth as possible.  Your attorney will contact you at some point to say that you are ready to close (assuming you bank has also cleared you to close, if you are using financing).  They will instruct you how much you need to bring to closing in the form of “official checks” obtained at your local bank branch.  A day before closing we will complete a walkthrough to ensure the property looks as it was upon first inspection.  You or a representative will attend your closing in downtown Buffalo at the Erie County Clerk’s recording room.  Once the deed is recorded, congratulations you have just bought/sold a home!
  3. How much does it cost to work with you? – As a buyer’s agent?  Free.  Zero.  Nada.  Actually, as a buyer if you hire me to represent your interests when you’re looking for a home, you actually MAKE MONEY when you work with me.  As of 2017, I’ve decided that I will ALWAYS give cash back on any new clients as a thank you for using me and my company.  Repeat buyers and sellers will probably get discounts too, but let’s talk about that in person.  It’s not just the price of the house that should affect the commission.

For Buyers:

As a licensed full service real estate brokerage we can help you find your next new place to call your own.  If you’re a seasoned investor, long time homeowner or just need someone to watch the market and look for deals,  I’m here for you.  Are you a new home buyer who needs just a bit more explaining – that’s fine.  I watch the inventory daily.  When you hire me, expect a call or text you the minute I see a house come on the market that might work for you.  This is often days before others even get to see the property.

As a full service agency, we don’t force buyers to sign a long-term exclusive agency agreement like some companies, locking you into working with us even if we aren’t doing our job. Why hire an agent and stick with them if you can do their job BETTER than they can!  We want to keep you happy and know a legal document can’t do that.

If we represent you as a buyer’s agent, rest assured we go to bat 100% in your interest.  We negotiate until you say you’re satisfied and don’t stop until we find what you are looking for.  Connected with a great attorney and home inspector and a solid lending institution, you won’t be disappointed.

CASH BACK:  Ask about how to get cash back in 2017 when you work with us!  Motivated Buyer Bonus!  Save THOUSANDS over a 7% real estate listing commission from the brokerage!

For Sellers:

When you’re ready to sell, thinking about a move, or just want to talk strategy about marketing your property, give us a call or drop us an email.  We prepare your home, your apartment, your building, your vacant land – whatever it is – in its best light.  Today in this competitive market, it isn’t enough to just “put it in the MLS and stick a sign in the lawn”, no matter how nice of a sign it is.

For a FAIR and NEGOTIABLE fee, we provide a customized listing package different from the rest.  I never charge more that 6% of the total sale price.  Many of my listings are less.  You want to do For Sale By Owner?  Sure, let’s talk.  I can help.  Do you want it staged, marketed, advertised, and all showings handled by me?  Yes, I can definitely do that for you.  Will your home sell quickly based on the recommended price?  All of these factors determine your listing fee, and you need to know this.  If I can sell your house fast, with less headache, and more guarantee to you, wouldn’t you want that?  Wouldn’t you even want to PAY for that?  Well you do, but you do not pay 7 or even 6% to list with me.  Let’s negotiate your rate down so you can save some of that hard earned equity you’ve built up.

All listings come with: Professional Hi-Res HD photos, high quality advertising, enormous web presence, print marketing – all to get you the best sale price we believe possible for your home without breaking the bank.  Video is available and soon DRONE VIDEO!

From newer luxury homes in Amherst and Clarence, to colonials in Orchard Park, to Craftsman-style homes in city neighborhoods, we price, analyze, market, negotiate and CLOSE real estate throughout all of Western New York and beyond!

Before you list your house, contact us FIRST and see how we compare to the other guys!

For Landlords and Investors:

As both landlords and investors ourselves, we know that buying and owning investment property is a great step towards financial success and independence.

When your next apartment becomes vacant – just call us!  If you are looking to find more deals to acquire – just call us!  Are you ready to cash out on your apartment building and need to get sold THIS SEASON – JUST CALL US!

Our agents will give you the best ideas and greatest pricing to get it done – and do it smooth.  We can talk cap rates, vacancy rates, cash flow.  Again, we know investment property and we’ve worked extensively with both landlords and tenants over the past years in Buffalo.

We market weekly to identify deals for you, as well as advertising your own property when listed with us.  From LoopNet to Craigslist, we’ve got marketing covered.  And with contacts in commercial real estate at Recckio real estate we have the inside track over other residential only searches.

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